The System

Used world-wide for decades, the KerAion® facade system also offers – besides low weight – alternatives to the otherwise quite usual board formats. In addition to rectangular panels, square panels in the large formats of 60 x 60 cm and 90 x 90 cm are also available, which are particularly suitable for the facade design of big buildings

All versions and formats received the general approval of the construction supervisory authority and also prove themselves in case of a statically demanding building structure. A high degree of creative freedom is ensured by the color range. Just as in the case of KeraTwin®, it is based on SpectraView, the range of nine color families matched to each other and several contrasting colors, which was developed by the color designer Peter Zoernack. It is completed by the “Design glazed” colors in different looks such as cement, stone or metal.

The only 8 mm thin KerAion® panels with the very low weight of 18 kg/m² are fastened by means of clamps, and the color of the clamp lips is matched to the design of the ceramic panel. Optionally, safety tapes are available for all formats, which are applied to the panel reverse side already in-plant and prevent larger pieces from falling down if a panel is damaged. A system with many advantages and well thought-out system components, both on metal and wooden substructure.