Formats for KerAion® K8

Extruded Ceramic Panels, Precision, DIN EN 14411, group AIb, glazed (GL), (large-size stoneware panels), 8 mm thick, 18 kg/m²

Standard sizes:
(grid size / work size)

60 x 60 cm / 592 x 592 mm, 60 x 90 cm / 592 x 892 mm,

90 x 90 cm / 892 x 892 mm, 60 x 120 cm / 592 x 1.192 mm

Other sizes available on request.

Clamp fastening

image description
Article K100HK60 x 60 cm
image description
Article K104HK60 x 90 cm
image description
Article K416HK90 x 90 cm
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Article K418HK60 x 120 cm

Safety tapes

With the safety tapes, AGROB BUCHTAL optionally offers a safety system specially matched to the KerAion® facade panels. The safety tapes applied to the panel reverse side in-plant prevent larger pieces from falling down if panels are damaged mechanically

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KerAion® K8 with safety tape