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Hytect coating

The surface tension of the water is overcome. A thin water film forms.
By the action of light, the catalyst activates oxygen. Microorganisms, algae, fungi and moss are decomposed.
When it rains, dirt and microorganisms are simply infiltrated and removed thanks to the self-washing effect.

Light activates

Titanium dioxide is baked onto the ceramic surface at high temperature. As catalyst, it effects a reaction activated by light with oxygen and air humidity. In this way, activated oxygen and a hydrophilic, water-friendly surface are produced. The activated oxygen now fulfils two decisive functions:

  1. On the surface of the ceramics, it decomposes microorganisms such as fungi, algae, moss or germs and inhibits their growth. This saves maintenance costs in the life cycle of a building.

  2. Air pollutants such as, for example, nitrogen oxides from traffic or industry are reduced. Hytect permanently improves the ambient air of the building.

Rain cleans

The hydrophilic ceramic surface effects that rain drops spread to form a thin film and infiltrate the dirt. This self-washing effect prevents the adherence of dirt. This minimizes the cleaning costs.

Active support at every weather – sun and rain perform the effective and environment-friendly cleaning free of charge! Hytect keeps facades clean.

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