AGROB BUCHTAL sees its most important task in offering architects and planners the design scope which they need for the realization of their creative ideas.

With approximately 20,000 glaze color recipes and an enormous variety of formats and surface structures, the company meets this requirement in most of all cases. However, AGROB BUCHTAL shows its true strength whenever innovative architectural concepts require an individual production. For the Design Department, the Product Management and the In-House Planning Department, the development of project-specific special solutions in co-operation with architects as partners is part of the core business.

This not only applies to special formats or colors corresponding to the ideas of the planner – or the CD specifications of a company. Innovative techniques such as the precise water-jet cutting as well as photographic and screen printing methods, which permit the transfer of complex artworks onto ceramics, open up new horizons for creative facade design. Artists which – in agreement with the architect – wish to actively participate in the realization of their creations are welcome at AGROB BUCHTAL. And also special solutions which have not been mentioned here (so far) are checked for their feasibility in an unbureaucratic manner – as soon as the creative concept of an architect requires new solutions.