The System

With its extensive bandwidth, the “KeraShape®” is primarily aligned towards setting highlights and supporting architects in realising individual concepts. Apart from their function as elements of architectural design, these moulded parts also serve entirely practically purposes as visual and sun protection.

The standard range comprises rectangular tubes with cross-sections of 50 x 60 mm and 60 x 60 mm in lengths of up to 1,800 mm, with lengths of up to 1,500 mm for the 50 x 100 mm variants. These are complemented by rounded lamellar elements in 140 x 60 mm with a maximum length of 1,200 mm. Using special fastening sets, the individual elements can be merged to form compact units or extended practically infinitely.

Even these standard items – which are perfectly co-ordinated to the other facade systems offered by AGROB BUCHTAL – permit numerous design variants. Furthermore, individual special shapes and sizes are possible depending on the respective building. After a brief examination of the individual case, experts at AGROB BUCHTAL are delighted to provide a technical and economic feasibility analysis.

This also applies to individual fastening concepts deviating from standard fastening variants. As the moulded parts – glazed or unglazed – are supplied in practically any color nuance also available for facade panels, there is nothing to stand in the way of tone-in-tone design. But contrasting colors are also a popular option as they open up numerous possibilities for making large facades appear less monotonous. The same also applies to the actual moulded parts when used to achieve a visual rhythm.