KeraShape® with horizontal laying

System description

Three-dimensional ceramic special pieces in natural colors or also in glazed version are used for making large facade surfaces less monotonous or for producing shade at buildings. For developing individual, project-related fastening proposals, please contact us. Information about the standard fastening systems is to be found in the respective technical details. Fastening sets are available for the horizontal laying.

image description
  1. Built-in unit
  2. Angular insert
  3. Base plate
  4. Securing clip

Mounting instructions for KeraShape®


The mounting of the substructure must be carried out according to project-specific, static calculation.

  • For horizontal laying, the mounting sets (Art. no. 606, 607) can be used.
  • One has to decide whether only base plates with hole and counterbore or also with M5 thread in addition have to be used.
  • The “supports for mounting parts” must be fixed in the special pieces by means of polyurethane adhesive.
  • The clamps can be fastened with stainless steel screws (Art. no. 659).


The sets comprise: 1 built-in unit, 1 angular insert, 1 base plate, 1 securing clip (black)

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Article 606For rectangular tube 60 x 50,60 x 60 and lamellar elementSecuring clip (black)Base plate optionally availablewith M5 threadWeight: 0.14 kg / set
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Article 607For rectangular tube 50 x 100Securing clip (black)Base plate optionally availablewith M5 threadWeight: 0.21 kg / set
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Built-in unitalso available as continuousprofile on request