ETICS: system design

The External Thermal Insulation Composite System comprises insulating boards fixed to the wall using plugs and bonding mortar. A ceramic covering is fixed by bonding on an integrated textile glass reinforcement mesh. The joints must occupy a surface of at least 6% per square metre. Installation of this system is based on the respective general approval provided by the construction supervisory authority. A test certificate is available for the application of ceramics on a External Thermal Insulation Composite System.

image description
  1. Ceramic covering material
  2. Bonding mortar with reinforcement mesh
  3. Insulating board
  4. Fixing by plugs
  5. Wall

Essential system advantages

  • Multiple applications for new buildings and refurbishments
  • Can be combined with many products in the ChromaPlural system, thereby offering great freedom of design with 58 colors and a wide selection of sizes; sustainability and easy cleaning thanks to the self-washing effect guaranteed by the Hytect coating
  • Can be realised using the robust and durable Craft, Ferrum, Goldline, Natural Ceramic and Oxyd split tile series – in many natural shades and offering a lively play of colors
  • Covering material is light- and color-fast as well as UV-resistant

Technical values and properties

  • Stoneware tiles to DIN EN 144 11, groups Alb, Bla, Blb, AIIa
  • Split tiles to DIN EN 144 11, groups AIIa
  • Weight of 11-25 kg/m² (depending on thickness and size)
  • Frost-resistant
  • Light- and color-fast, UV-resistant
  • Resistant to aggressive environmental influences
  • Building material classes: usually A1 or B1 depending on type of insulation material (e.g. mineral fibres or polystyrene rigid foam)