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Image:Adriano Faragulo

Stiftung Vivendra

Preserve the past and build the future

Learning, living, working - these are the three words which accurately describe “Stiftung Vivendra”. The establishment was founded in 1965 by a parents’ association as “Stiftung Schulheim Dielsdorf für cerebral Gelähmte“ (facility for cerebrally paralyzed persons). In 1970, the Dielsdorf location with a remedial pedagogic school, a boarding school, therapies and a home for adults was opened. In 2011, the name was changed into “Stiftung Vivendra“. This did not affect the objective of the institution, namely the care for cerebrally (“concer-ning the cerebrum“) handicapped persons of every age - from the baby in the integrative day-care facility for children to the group home for old people. The facades of the nucleus of the foundation at Dielsdorf have been extensively renovated recently. The result is impressive because of durable and future-oriented solutions, but preserving the architectural roots at the same time.