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Image:Christoph Seelbach


Art wall in Dusseldorf

One source of inspiration for “Hornet” was the Asian technique of origami which also involves complex structures and shapes evolving from simple design processes, i.e. by folding paper.

Adrian Schiesser, Sarah Morris’ Project Manager, opted for realisation by the AGROB BUCHTAL architect service. After all, this project demanded precision work as well as a co-ordinated team of planners, craftsmen, glaze experts and designers.

“No project can be too difficult for us. Such tasks enable us to bundle all of our competencies here and work as a self-contained team of specialists. This is where we have the most fun”, claims the responsible Project Co-ordinator at AGROB BUCHTAL. Each 30 x 30 cm tile is therefore attributed its designated position and colour. Meticulous handwork was required for the actual glaze and additional painted vertical or diagonal joins which look like the real thing. Ultimately forming a homogeneous overall result across the entire surface and conveying complexity in an artistic manner. With an interdisciplinary team which simply worked as one.