KerAion® Quadro with invisible fastening (clasps / bearing profile)

System description

Quadro fastening points (ceramic composite element) with integral stainless steel screw are sinter-fused on the reverse side of the KerAion® Quadro facade panels in a special firing process. On these fastening points, clasps (up to the size of 60 x 90 cm) or a bearing profile (up to the size of 120 x 120 cm) can be screwed by means of which the facade panels are hung in the substructure.


image description
  1. Facade panel KerAion® Quadro
  2. Quadro fastening point
  3. Clasp with adjusting screw
  4. Horizontal bearing profile for clasp fastening (basic substructure)
  5. Vertical bearing profile (basic substructure)
  6. Wall bracket (basic substructure)

Bearing profile

image description
  1. Bearing profile (basic substructure)
  2. Horizontal bearing profile for fastening with bearing profile (basic substructure)
  3. Vertical bearing profile (basic substructure)
  4. Wall bracket (basic substructure)

Mounting instructions for KerAion® Quadro – with invisible fastening (clasps / bearing profile)


The mounting of the substructure must be carried out according to project-specific, static calculation. The general approvals Z-10.3-725 (clasps) and Z-10.3-724 (bearing profile) of the construction supervisory authority serve as basis.

Quadro clasp

  • The vertical profiles have to be mounted perpendicularly and in a flush way.
  • The distance of the horizontal “clasp profiles“ depends on the Quadro fastening points on the reverse side of the panels.
  • Use neoprene rubber washer (Art. no. 371) between clasps and Quadro.
  • Fasten clasps with self-locking stainless steel nuts (Art. no. 370) with 2.5 Nm.

Quadro bearing profile

  • The bearing profiles must have fixed and sliding points, see approval Z-33.1-27.
  • Fastening: Fasten Quadro – neoprene rubber washers (Art. no. 371) – bearing profile – with self-locking stainless steel nut (Art. no. 370) with 2.5 Nm.


image description
Article 370Stainless steel nut,self-locking,Weight: 2 kg / 1,000 piecesNom. dimen.: M6
image description
Article 371Rubber washer, neopreneWeight: 1 kg / 1,000 piecesNom. dimen.: 30 x 1.5 mm
  • Important: The use of silicone caoutchoucs must be absolutely avoided, because silicone fluids segregate and effect sticky surfaces on which dirt adheres.
  • Therefore, only use the system components mentioned (foamed pieces, EDPM rubber profile, neoprene rubber washer) and pointing, bonding and sealing materials recommended by us. We will be pleased to inform you in detail. The usual final cleaning after completion of the construction works is still required.